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Speaking in public

Yes, we give our courses speaking in public in English.

We are international experienced and we can give our courses to an international group of six to eight people.

We focus on behavior at a stage, body language, use of your voice and the core of communication: making the connection with the audience.

We practice all the time, learning by doing.

We have a two days program that opens the eyes of the participants. Instead of the use of Powerpoint, we learn something completely different. To improvise your speech without any device and to keep on track. If you are capable to do this, you can do it with Powerpoint, Prezi or whatever, but you don’t need it any more.

We also learn in this two day program to prepare your presentation in less than 15 minutes, to make it interactive, with a lot of Q and A.

The first day of the training is used to discover the importance and impact of natural speaking in front of an audience. The second day is to get used to it and to further improve your capabilities to act smooth, flexible and with fun.

Furthermore we learn you to express yourself with your voice. We stretch your comfort zone step by step from an easy start to a spontaneous duo-presentation at the end. You learn to introduce people, to ask questions and to be the host of your audience.

After two days of training you are capable of giving a speech about any subject you want, with interaction, dialogue and a clear key message.


The training is intensive and challenging. If the training is at your premises, we need a large and quiet place with complete privacy. No people disturbing us. Empty, no tables, only a few chairs.  So we have plenty of space for walking around, jumping, singing, moving, dancing and screaming.

Your investment:

This two day course costs € 3400,- plus 21% VAT and travel and housing expenses.

We arrive the day before the course.

For data and information call Roeland Schweitzer 0031 651 108190
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